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APPOINTMENT OF CAMPAIGN TREASURER <br />AND DESIGNATION OF CAMPAIGN 12-20AO9:15 �CV' <br />DEPOSITORY FOR CANDIDATES <br />(Section 106.021(1), F.S.) <br />(PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE) <br />NOTE: This form must be on file with the qualifying <br />officer before opening the campaign account. OFFICE USE ONLY <br />1. CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX(ES): <br />0 Initial Filing of Form Re -filing to Change: Treasurer/Deputy El Depository Office Party <br />2. Name of Candidate (in this order: First, Middle, Last) 3. Address (include post office box or street, city, state, zip <br />MATTHEW LORENZO code) <br />121 NW 2ND AVE 12 HALLANADLE BEACH FL <br />4. Telephone 5. E-mail address 33009 <br />(786 ) 302-2939 MATT4HBEACH@GMAIL.C( <br />6. Office sought (include district, circuit, group number) 7. If a candidate for a nonpartisan office, check if <br />COMMISSIONER SEAT 3 applicable: <br />E] My intent is to run as a Write-in candidate, <br />. •. - 11111111111111111111 iii III a A . <br />0 Write-in rX_j No Party Affiliation <br />Party candidate, <br />9, 1 have appointed the following person to act as my 7 Campaign Treasurer 7 Deputy Treasurer <br />10. Name of Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer <br />MATTHEW LORENZO <br />11. Mailing Address 12. Telephone <br />121 NW 2ND AVE 12 ( 786 ) 302-2939 <br />13. City 14. County 15. State 16. Zip Code 17. E-mail address <br />HALLANDALE BROWARD FL 33009 MATT4HBEACH@GMAIL.COM <br />18. 1 have designated the following bank as my � Primary Depository r-1 Secondary Depository <br />19. Name of Bank 20. Address <br />CITY NATIONAL BANK OF FLORIDA 1995 E HALLANDALE BEACH BLVD <br />21. City 22. County 23. State 24. Zip Code <br />HALLANDALE �BROWARD �FL � 33009 <br />UNDER PENALTIES OF PERJURY, I DECLARE THAT I HAVE READ THE FOREGOING FORM FOR APPOINTMENT OF CAMPAIGN TREASURER AF c <br />DESIGNATION OF CAMPAIGN DEPOSITORY AND THAT THE FACTS STATED IN IT ARE TRUE. <br />25. Date 26. Signature of C didate <br />06/12/2020 X <br />27. Treasurer's Acceptance of Appointment (fill in the blank an <br />(Please Print or Type Name) <br />designated above as: 9 Campaign Treasurer <br />X <br />Date Sjfn <br />DS -DE 9 (Rev. 10/10) <br />Deputy Treasurer, <br />WITIT-ni <br />ofCampaign Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer <br />Rule IS -2.0001, F.A.,-_ <br />