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FORM I STATEMENT OF 2019 <br />Please print or ty p e your name, mailing I FINANCIAL INTERESTS I FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: <br />address, ag ency nam e, a nd po sition below : <br />LAST NAME --FIR ST NA ME -MIDDLE NAME : <br />LORENZO MATTH EW <br />MAILING A DDRESS : <br />121NW2NDAVE12 <br />06 'o 9, <br />CITY : Z IP : CO UNTY : <o"os. ~ HALLAND A LE 33009 BROWARD ·o <br />NAME O F AG ENCY : ? tfcv <br />0 <br />NAME O F O FFICE OR POSITION HELD O R SO UGHT : <br />COMMISSIONER SEAT 3 <br />CHECK ONLY IF Ill CANDID ATE O R 0 NEW EMPLOYEE O R AP PO INTEE <br />**** THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED **** <br />DISCLOSURE PERIOD: <br />THIS STATEMENT REFLECTS YOUR FIN A NCIAL INTERE STS FOR CAL ENDA R Y EA R END ING DE C EM BER 31, 2019 . <br />MANNER OF CALCULATING REPORTABLE INTERESTS : <br />FILERS HAVE THE OPTION OF USING REPORTING THRESHOLD S THAT ARE ABS O LUTE DOLLAR VAL UES , WHICH REQUIRES <br />FEWER CALCULATIONS , OR USING COMPARATIVE THRESHOLDS , WHICH ARE USUALLY BASED ON PERCENTAGE VALUES <br />(see instructions for further details). CHECK THE ONE Y OU ARE USING (must check one): <br />D COMPARATIVE (PERCENTAGE) THRESHOLDS QR 0 DOLLAR VALUE THRESHOLDS <br />PART A -PRIMARY SOURCES OF INCOME [Ma jor sources of inco me to th e report ing perso n -See in stru ction s] <br />(If you have nothing to report, write "none" or "n/a ") <br />NAME OF SO URC E SO URCE'S D ESCRIPT ION O F TH E SOU RCE 'S <br />OF IN CO ME ADD RESS PR INCIPAL BUSIN ESS ACTIVIT Y <br />CHEN SENIOR MEDICAL 410 E HALLANDALE BCH BLVD HEALTH CA RE <br />PART B -SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME <br />[Ma jo r customers , clients, and other sources of income to busin esses owned by th e reporting pe rson -See in structi ons ] <br />(If you have nothing to report, write "none" or "n/a") <br />NAM E OF NA ME OF MAJOR SOURCES ADDRESS PR INC IPAL BUSINESS <br />BUSINE SS ENTI TY OF BUSIN ESS ' IN CO ME OF SO URCE AC T IVITY OF SOURCE <br />SKYLTNE REAL TY TNT REALESTATE SAL ES 2 101 BRlCKELL AVE IOI R EALTOR <br />PART C -REAL PROPERTY [Land , buildings owned by th e repo rtin g pe rso n -See ins tru cti ons] <br />(If you have nothing to report, write "none" or "n/a") <br />N I A <br />CE FORM 1 -Enective : January 1, 2020 <br />Incorporated by reference in Rule 34-8 .202(1), F.A.C . <br />(Conti nu ed on rev erse side ) <br />You are not limited to the space on the <br />lines on this form. Attach additional <br />sheets, if necessary. <br />FILING INSTRUCTIONS for when <br />and where to file this form are <br />located at the bottom of page 2. <br />INSTRUCTIONS on who must file <br />this form and how to fill it out <br />begin on page 3. <br />PAGE t