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CANDIDATE OATH - <br />NONPARTISAN OFFICE RC ~ (Do not use this form if a Judicial or Schoo l Board Candidate) 06-09-20P05:07 <br />Check box only if you are seeking to qualify as a <br />write-in candidate : <br />D Write-in candidate <br />OFFICE USE ONLY <br />Candidate Oath <br />(Section 99 .02 1 (1 )(a ), Florida Statutes) <br />I, MATTHEW "MATT" LORENZO <br />(Print name above as you wish it to appear on the ballot. If your last name consists of two or more names but has no <br />hyphen, check box O . (See page 2 -Compound Last Names). No change can be made after the end of qualifying. <br />Although a write -in candidate 's name is not printed on the ballot, the name must be printed abo ve for oath purposes.) <br />am a candidate for the nonpartisan office of COMMISSIONER <br />' ' <br />(Office ) (District #) <br />3 ; I am a qualified el ector of Brow a rd County , Florida ; ' <br />(Circuit#) (Group or Seat#) <br />I am qualified under the Constitution and the Laws of Florida to hold the office to which I desire to be nominated or elected ; I <br />have qualified for no other public office in the state , the term of which office or any part thereof runs concurrent with the office <br />I seek ; and I have resigned from any office from wh ich I am required to res ign pursuant to Section 99 .012 , Florida Statutes ; <br />and I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Flor ida . <br />Candidate's Florida Voter Registration Number (lo ca ted on yo u r v ote r information c ard ): 116863978 <br />Phonetic spelling for audio ballot: Print name phonetically on the line below as you wish it to be pronounced on the audio <br />ballot as may be used by persons with disabilities (see instructions on page 2 of this form ): [Not applicable to write-in candidates.] <br />mAth-yoo wAt luhr-rEn-zoh <br />/ I <br />x ~ ( 786) 302-2939 _.,,, <br />~ MATT4HBEACH@GMAIL.COM - <br />Signat~ f l:f1didate Teleph one Number Email Address <br />121 NW 2ND AVE 12 HALLANDALE BEACH FL 33009 <br />Address City (\ ') s1; •'"'-ZIP Code <br />ST ATE OF FLORIDA I A / l \ <br />COUNTYo frO\r-O rcl ~ Si:""'ti ~ Jc~ otary Public <br />Pri nt , Typ e~mp Commissi oned Nam e of Notary Publi c below : <br />Sworn to (or affirmed ) and subscribed before me by physi cal or e Maooe Sm;t h <br />D 001;oe P"""'~ day of ,:rt:J nc. 202.D <br />Nota ry Pub lic -Stat e of Flo ri da <br />Co mm iss ion #GG 4204 <br />Expire s 06/2 1/202 0 <br />Personally Known : or Produced Identification : __ <br />Type of Identification Produced : ' ·:,: ... , \' <br />OS-DE 302NP (Rev. 04/20) Rule 1S-2.0001 , F.A.C .