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STATEMENT OF <br />CANDIDATE <br />(Section 106.023, F.S.) <br />(Please print or type) <br />I, MATTHEW "MATT" LORENZO <br />OFFICE USE ONLY <br />candidate for the office of COMMISSIONER SEAT 3 <br />have been provided access to read and understand the requirements of <br />Chapter 106 , Florida Statutes . <br />x <br />1) <br />I <br />06/09/2020 <br />Date <br />Each candidate must file a statement with the qualifying officer within 10 days after the <br />Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designat ion of Campaign Depository is filed . W illfu l <br />failure to file this form is a first degree misdemeanor and a civil violation of the C ampaign <br />Financing Act which may result in a fine of up to $1 ,000 , (ss . 106 .19(1 )(c), 106 .2 65(1 ), Florida <br />Statutes ). <br />OS-DE 84 (05/1 I )