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Hallandale Beach <br />PROGRESS. INNOVA TION . OPPORTU NITY. <br />NOTICE OF CANDIDACY <br />I, MATTHEW LORENZO , currently reside in Hallandale Beach . At all times <br />during the prior twelve months , I have resided , and have had the intent to permanently <br />res ide , in Hallandale Beach . I am a registered voter in Hallandale Beach . <br />My residence address is <br />Hallandale Beach , Florida , 33009 <br />121NW2ND AVE 12 <br />----- <br />I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of COMMI SSIONER SEAT 3 <br />to be voted for at the election to be held on the _3 _day of NOVEM BER _20_2_0 __ <br />I hereby agree to obey all the laws relating to my candidacy and to serve if elected . <br />06 /08 /2020 <br />Date <br />ST AT6 OF FLORIDA r.-1 <br />COUNTY obD\NXCJ ) <br />Sworn to (or -affirmed) and subscribed before me by ~hysical or 0 . online presence <br />this K dayof (~ ,2{)2Q <br />Personally Known :filorp;oduced ldentificati9n : n <br />Type of Identification Produced : ________ ......,!!!!""" ________ .., <br />Sig re of Notary Public <br />Print , Type or Stamp Comm issioned Name of Notary Public